The results of fattening hybrid pigs of Danish selection

Keywords: DanBred Hybrid young pigs, crossbreeding, DanBred Yorkshire, DanBred Landrace, DanBred Duroc, meat productivity, economic efficiency


The results of a study of the breed combinations that influence pigs of Danish selection on fattening, meat, and economic indicators are presented. The experimental animals were divided into two groups according to their genotype. The method of groups-analogs was applied. The pigs were similar in terms of conditional heredity, sex, age, and body weight within each group. Five animals from each group were slaughtered at the meat processing plant to study the meat qualities. These studies arose due to the constant search for the most successful and cost-effective options for breed combinations that guarantee the effect of heterosis in hybrid offspring, which determined the scientific novelty and relevance. The dependence on breed combinations of fattening and meat qualities of young pigs obtained by simple two-breed and complex three-breed industrial crossbreeding of breeds of Danish selection has been established. At the final stage of fattening, a significant intergroup difference was established in terms of the average daily increase in body weight in favor of pigs of the breed combination F2 ¼Y ¼L ½D at 5.4% at P > 0.999 compared with analogs of the breed combination F1 ½Y ½L. Crossbreeds of the F2 generation turned out to be more early maturing and reached a body weight of 100 kg in 168.1 days, compared to 173.2 days in crossbreeds of the F1 generation with a difference of 5.1 days (P > 0.95) and a slaughter weight of 110 kg with a difference of 5.5 days (P > 0.95). They also spent less feed by 0.18 feed units per 1 kg of body weight gain, but the intergroup difference was insignificant. At slaughter, the weight of the steamed carcass in the crossbreeds of generation F2 ¼Y ¼L ½D was higher by 6.7 kg (P<0.95), and the slaughter yield was higher by 5.9 % (P > 0.999). It is concluded that the combination of Yorkshire breeds with Landraces and Durocs achieves a high economic effect on pork production since the level of profitability of pork production in three-breed hybrids is higher by 6.6%, respectively than in two-breed ones.


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