Benefit of dorsal laminectomy without lumbosacral stabilization in lumbosacral traumatic cat

  • Piyabongkarn Damrongdej Linthong Veterinary Clinic, 172 Ramkhamhaeng Road Minburi district Bangkok, 10510, Thailand
Keywords: cat, laminectomy, caudal equina, lumbosacral, trauma


Two cats were diagnosed with depression of caudal equina spinal nerve and lumbosacral spinal trauma that revealed rapid improving clinical signs after 1 month of dorsal laminectomy at the region of lumbar and sacral vertebrae without internal and external stabilization devices. This report showed that dorsal laminectomy was a powerful procedure for decompression caudal equina spinal injuries in stable lumbosacral vertebral trauma in cats without ancillary fixation methods. Dorsal laminectomy is valuable technique for correction of fracture/luxation of vertebrae that this procedure can reduce spinal cord edema, and axonal disruption. Stabilization of vertebrae by the orthopedic implants may be not necessary in small cat that has enough vertebral stability as the same in two these cases.


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