Modern state of fish and fishery products export in Ukraine

Keywords: fishing industry, fish, seafood, fish and fish products export, aquatic bioresources, production, fisheries.


For every country in the world trade plays an important role in the fishing industry as an employment center, a food supplier, a source of income, a contribution to economic growth and development, as well as it provides food security and nutrition. In fisheries the fierce competition not only for resources but also for markets is not weakening. Leading fishing states are implementing the strategies aimed at ensuring the excellence in both domestic and foreign markets. The purpose of the work was to find out a current state of the fish and fish products export in Ukraine. Based on the specialized literature a current state of the fish and fish products export in Ukraine has been evaluated. A state of the fish and fish products export in Ukraine from 2015 to 2019 was analyzed; the main consumer countries of Ukrainian fish and fish products were identified; the structure of Ukrainian fish and fish products export was analyzed and the ways to increase the export of Ukrainian fish products in the main fish markets of the World were determined. Nowadays Ukraine has excellent resources for growing and catching fish and is gradually gaining the fish markets of many countries around the world. To develop the fishing industry the state constantly allocates the funds that are to support the industrial species of aquatic bio-resources, especially herbivorous fish, which do not breed naturally in Ukraine, to update the material and technical base for genetic research and cryopreservation work, etc. It was established that in recent years there is a tendency to increase the export of fish and fishery products of Ukraine in the markets of different countries of the World. In 2015 this figure was 6.4 thousand tons of fish and fishery products, and in 2019 it reached 7.6 thousand tons. The main countries that buy Ukrainian fish are: Moldova, Denmark, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Germany. The main export is processed fish products: crab sticks, canned sardines, coleslaw, while sprats or sprats, frozen cod, salmon and other fish.


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Burhaz, M., Matviienko, T., Soborova, O., Bezyk, K., Kudelina, O., & Lichna, A. (2020). Modern state of fish and fishery products export in Ukraine. Ukrainian Journal of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, 3(1), 21-26.