Histological study of eyelid in Algerian locale bovine

Keywords: bovine, eyelid, gland of Zeis, histology, tarsal gland


Ten pairs of eyelids of adult, healthy cattle of the local breed from the region of Guelma, Algeria, were collected at the slaughterhouse in order to carry out research to determine the structure, the components and to make a comparison with the results of this subject in other ruminants, classical staining techniques such as Hematoxylin & eosin, Masson trichrome and silver nitrate were carried out in the histology laboratory on sections of these membranes, the studied parts were the upper eyelid and lower eyelid, medial and lateral canthus, the results observed were significant, there was a small increase in the thickness of the epidermis in the lower eyelid, and the small sebaceous glands which made the difference between the lower eyelid from local cattle, these glands originate near the basement membrane of the upper eyelids. Regarding the tarsal gland, empty its secretion onto the surface of the eyelid through a duct lined with typical stratified squamous epithelium.


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